The Postucare team has been in the bedding industry for over 20 years. We pride ourselves on always being pro-active and aim to develop and incorporate new technology in the bedding industry.

We only use the highest quality, eco-friendly materials available on the market today and feel that it is our responsibility to only deliver the best possible products to all our customers.

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Postucare Pearl Mattress

Postucare Pearl bed range is inspired by the attributes of a Pearl in order to contribute to overall rest and relaxation. Researchers around the world have been fascinated by the unique qualities of Pearls. It is believed that it could treat anxiety, insomnia and promote feelings of calmness to help people unwind for a better night’s sleep.


The Postucare Pearl mattress offers medium comfort support. It is ideal for those seeking a medium comfort feel whilst retaining orthopaedic support.  It combines the medical advantages of a firm mattress and the comfort of reducing pressure points in your body that a softer mattress offers. It is like having the best of both worlds.


The bed’s heavy-duty traits make it perfect for the hospitality industry or for domestic use. The bed has been designed to handle constant use from a variety of people with different body types, but to ensure support at the correct areas that result in a comfortable night’s rest.


The Postucare Pearl mattress is 30cm in depth and is a multi-layered high density foam and pure foam mattress, specifically designed for astounding comfort and posture support no matter which side you prefer to sleep on. The nature of the bed allows for zero movement transfer between sleeping partners. With the Postucare Pearl mattress you will not be disturbing your partner’s sleep by rolling around on the bed.


It is a turnable mattress with the same medium comfort level on both sides.  Being a turnable bed it allows you to use both sides of the mattress, which promotes its longevity, unlike a no-turn bed.

Fall asleep faster with a Postucare Pearl Mattress

Built for Comfort

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The Postucare Pearl mattress we use a breathable, comfortable, pure foam that provides you with the ultimate comfort layer. Our soft pure foam has been designed to provide the lush feel of memory foam and latex, but with breathability and comfort to avoid the sinking feeling and heat that is associated with mattresses that contain these materials.


The Postucare Pearl is a turnable foam mattress. It is designed to be rotated and turned over once a month. This technique ensures even body weight distribution over the whole surface of the mattress. It has the same medium comfort level on both sides.  Being a turnable bed it allows you to use both sides of the mattress, which promotes its longevity, unlike a no-turn bed.

For a Healthy Sleep Environment

Fresche Bioscience helps provide protection against the common spread of allergens, mould and odour. It is by nature a hypoallergenic product and may provide comfort to people who suffer from allergies. Providing 99.9% bacterial reduction and ensuring a healthier night’s sleep for you and your family. Fresche Bioscience antimicrobial are widely recognised as one of the worlds most advanced non-volatile, surface bonded antimicrobial, and its safe for people, plants, pets and the environment.

Care & Maintenance

Fall asleep faster with a Postucare Pearl Mattress

Postucare Grey Upholstered Bed Base

The bed base is the foundation of your bed set. It provides the mattress with support and will help to provide you with the best possible posture support and quality sleep.


By pairing a Postucare mattress with a Postucare bed base, you will extend the longevity of the mattress. The base raises the mattress from the ground and keeps the mattress properly aligned. Because our bases are upholstered in a stunning grey material, it is not necessary for you to cover the base again. The look of the base will complement any bedroom, and provide you with a classy, overall finish. The Postucare bases are 30cm in depth without the base legs. The legs are an additional 10cm high, amounting to the base standing 40cm tall without a mattress.

Pearl Base

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