The Postucare team has been in the bedding industry for over 20 years. We pride ourselves on always being pro-active and aim to develop and incorporate new technology in the bedding industry.

We only use the highest quality, eco-friendly materials available on the market today and feel that it is our responsibility to only deliver the best possible products to all our customers.

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Luxury Pet Bedz

Luxury Pet Beds

Our Postucare mattresses are unlike any other pet beds you’ve seen before. One very unique feature of our mattresses is that you don’t ever need to turn it.


The Postucare 4 Pets mattresses are available in three colours, Midnight Black, Chocolate Brown and Designer Grey. They come in 4 different sizes ranging from small to extra large.


All our Mattresses have been designed to be durable and easy to clean and we pride ourselves in the quality and the value we offer to our clients. All our mattresses are manufactured and handcrafted locally in South Africa.



–  Durable, easy to clean

–  Cats & Dogs Friendly

–  No-Turn Design

–  Travel Friendly

–  Sizes S to XL

–  Made in SA

Give them the rest they deserve with Luxury Pet Bedz

Postucare for Pets


Our Postucare Range consists of various layers of high-density superior quality foam. Each with their own function. This helps to evenly distribute your pet’s body weight, by keeping their posture straight which helps to relieve pressure and any unnecessary stress on your pet’s joints.

Postucare Mattresses

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It is ideally constructed to suite older pets, or for pets struggling with arthritis and aching joints.

Give them the rest they deserve with Luxury Pet Bedz

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